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Hi! My name is Kristi I have been a registered massage practitioner since 2003. I graduated from Baltimore school of massage the top of my class. I have dedicated my continuing education to sports therapy which is deeper massage techniques along with stretching designed to help loosen muscles and improve performance. I'm also trained in cupping, hot stones, and aromatherapy. I have developed an aromatherapy massage designed around certain essential oils and pressure points to help with allergies, post nasal drip, or just getting over a cold but still have some congestion build up. Please do not book this massage if you are still sick! With the type of work I do touching multiple people a day I do not need to be spreading viruses around. I also know some techniques to help with sciatica and also more specific areas due to past injury. Not everyone gets to do a job they love. I am fortunate that I get the pleasure of helping people feel better and achieving their goals. I will continue to keep up on my education and sharpen my skills to keep me performing well at my job. Have a great day looking forward to meeting you at the shop!!

Kristi Lynn Karasek,


Li Zhou, LMT

Li Zhou is a nationally certified massage therapist licensed in Maryland. Her work ethic began as an engineer from China to USA. Through her life, Li has been active in both organized sports along with sports just fun as a hobby, and she understands that tolls that professional work and life events can have on the body. She has personal experience both being treated and treating other ailments, relieving pain symptoms at the source. She has a deep respect for the body’s time to heal and return to wellness.
LI’s background enables her to blend eastern and western modalities using her the tools she has learned and developed to better fit the needs of her clients. She has learned through her practice that everyone has their own set of life experiences and a unique relationship to their body. From treatment oriented bodywork including trigger point therapy combining acupressure technique, myofascial release, and muscle energy techniques, sport massage, Lymph drainage along with more of the soothing, relaxing Swedish with fluid and smooth contact.
On the side Li enjoys road biking, swimming and Yoga. She is a member at Supreme Sports Club so you may even see her in the Gym working out during her off time.  

Li Zhou,


Danielle is a graduate of Fortis Institute of Towson where she learned to customize massage in various ways. She is in love with all of the positive effects massage can have on not only the physical body, but the emotional state as
well. Whether you're looking for a Swedish massage or a Deep Tissue, Danielle really likes to take her time and bring relief and relaxation to her clients with a 90 minute session. When she is not massaging, she enjoys taking her young
son out for a day of fun around town

Danielle Clausen,


Joshua Turner is Licensed Massage Therapist. He has been practing in eastern and western styles of body work for over a decade. Joshua is effective in preventative medicine and treatment of acute and chronic conditions.

JT Turner,


Ivana is a graduate from Baltimore School of Massage where she learned anatomy and kinesiology along with multiple modalities such as Deep Tissue, Swedish massage, shiatsu and more.She has the patients it takes to understand how the body works and moves. She is a very detailed Massage Therapist. She details her client"s session based on their specific needs. Her enthusiasm for massage gives her great character. Knowing that she can offer relief and relaxation to her clients puts a smile on her face. She is very enthused about education and learning everything she can learn about the human body and continues her education to become more versatile. She is a very good listener and will give you the relief you need when you come to see her.

Ivana Pannell


Joselyne is originally from Eastern Africa, a country name Rwanda she attended Baltimore School of Massage in 2014-2015 and graduated. She loves being a massage therapist and the experiences she had from her school Clinics with different clients. she can provide deep tissue massage, Reflexology, Cranial massage, relaxation, Hot stones, sport Massage as well as Myofascial release, she can be a reliable person with professionalism, she is passionate about the positive effects of the body and the mind.

she can help you with injury rehabilitation, assist in the relief of migraines and tension-related headaches or help forget about life stress for an hour focused treatment of reflexology by working your hands and feet as the whole of our body is connective tissue as Reflexology stimulates areas beneath the skin to improve the function of the whole body or of specific body area away from the site of stimulation, and this system is the most popular that to help people with sleeping disorders and daily life stress.

Joselyne is excited to be in Massage industry and looking forward to working with Well Being Studio and Spa.
She encourage everyone to try massage therapy at least once so they can decide if it’s something that can help them become healthier and a positive addition to their regular self-care. 

Postpartum Massage, is one of a care given to women up to 6 month after the birth, this is one the core of of Nurturing the Mother, a child is strengthened by mother who is nourished and healthy, which creates a nourished and healthy family.Postpartum massage also aid and help prevent postpartum depression after the birth.

A well carefully planned postpartum period is a powerful bonding time for the whole family to gets the new born off to a wonderful start.

Joselyne is specialized to help you get back to your normal self. 

Joselyne Mukobwajana,


Leah has been a licensed esthetician for almost 20 years. With certifications in a plethora of fields of training, she can provide for all your esthetic needs. In addition, Leah is a professional makeup artist skilled in both traditional and airbrush makeup application. A master of total body and facial waxing she is highly proficient in ridding you of all your unwanted hair concerns. No area is too big or small.

If you feel you are lacking in the eyelash department, Leah is also certifed in Extreme Lashes ( a semi- permanent, individual lash bonding process ). She can provide a less permanent group lash application as well. Just think, you can finally the luscious lashes of your dreams!!

Highlight your beauty with one of Leah's amazingly relaxing and deeply beneficial facials! Choose among
everything from acne, anti-aging, European, or aromatherapy with an assortment of Alpha and beta hydroxy acids to enhance any facial result.
Complete your aesthetic desires with a customized air brush tan. From a light caramel to the deepest mocha, Leah considers both your current skin tone and your tanning goals to create the best color blend for you!

Book an appointment today and look forward to looking fabulous!!!


Licensed Esthetician

Dilek has been a licensed esthetician for almost 10 years with certifications from Turkey (5 years), Virginia and Maryland. She trained in Virginia at the Esthetic Institute. She has excellent experience and knowledge in all skin types and can provide all esthetic needs to
people of all origins. In addition, she is highly skilled at total body and facial waxing, eyebrow or facial threading, as well as facial massage.
Dilek is a Master at treating problematic facial skin conditions such as acne, premature facial aging, and sensitive skin conditions. She is highly experienced at facial massage, peals and microdermabrasion.
Dilek will customize your treatment based on your skin complexion, skin tone and abnormal skin conditions. Dilek will accentuate all of your facial features to maximize your beauty.  She also is trained and certified in Reiki level I.  Dilek also has experience in the medical field. She worked in Turkey, which honed her  communication skills with patients, and has medical experience in Maryland when she worked
for physicians and psychologist in the field of Neurology. She utilized her excellent visual motor skills and superb dexterity of her hands to perform Transcranial Doppler studies (brain blood  flow) on complicated patients. She was commended on her professionalism and her ability to communicate with many difficult patients.
Dilek is committed to her clients and will work tirelessly to obtain the results that her clients desire.

Book an immediate appointment with Dilek to begin your journey to facial rejuvenation and beauty. 

M Dilek

Licensed Esthetician

Jian Madesen is a licensed acupuncture is tending professional masseuse in USA, who is also an M.D of gynecology and obstetrics and worked in hospitals in China for 15 years. In addition, she is also a member of Spinal Health Professional Committee of world Federation of Chinese Medicine societies (WFCMS). She studied western medicine at university in China for 6 years. Then she studied medical massage therapy 2 years and got an associate degree, and a Master’s degree of acupuncture after 3 years’ study in colleges in USA. Currently she is pursuing a PhD of Chinese medicine a university in the USA.

In recent years, she has followed the well-known Dean of New York Natural Acupuncture Center, the head of New York Base for Inheriting of World Federation of Acupuncture - Moxibustion Societies (WFAS), the vice chairman of External Therapy Technology Professional Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), professor of New York College of Health Professional and the deputy chief physician of the former Beijing Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and the inventor of motion acupuncture therapy - Professor Decheng Chen. She has learned a kind of a rapid, most scientific method-motion acupuncture for the treatment of muscle pain, soreness and tension caused by soft tissue strain. Guided by Dr.Chen, Currently in MD,VA, PA and Washington DC, Jian is the only acupuncturist know to applies motion acupuncture to cure for the patients and has won very favorable feedback 

Jian Madesen

Licensed Acupuncture


My name is Leo Kubit and I have an RMP for massage and I am an esthetician. I went to school for massage therapy at AACC and I was the valedictorian at VonLee school of aesthetics. I chose the bodywork career because I love lending a helping hand to someone on their wellness journey. My favorite modalities are deep tissue and cupping. I am additionally trained in Swedish, myofascial, hot stones, and aromatherapy. I have a passion for art ever since I was a child. Bodywork is just as much of an art form as painting or dancing. I love collaborating with my client by encouraging open communication in order to tailor the perfect massage.

Leo Kubit 


Brittany is a graduate of the Baltimore school of Massage 2013. She’s always been a creative individual and enjoyed working with her hands, so to some its not a surprise that the human body became her medium that she’s more than grateful to work on. When she first got into massage she was looking for holistic ways to help relieve stress and anxiety, then instantly fell in love with all the benefits you can experience from receiving a massage!
She specializes in creating a therapeutic Swedish massage incorporating deep tissue, stretching, reflexology and trigger point therapy when necessary to help reduce stress and pain while increasing your range of motion and promote healing. By adding aromatherapy or hot stones it will only help increase the benefits. She can select an aromatherapy essential oil that fits the properties you’re looking for. With her calming temperament, integrative technique, and passion for this work it makes her easily adaptable to fit any clients needs. 



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